Our Pastor

Rt. Rev. Robert (Bob) Biermann is the third pastor of The Chapel of Sky Valley. Bob is no stranger to the Northeast Georgia region, as he lived and worked for many years in this part of the world. In the early 1970's Bob was a Radio Announcer for an AM and FM station in Toccoa, GA. Much of his early career was spent in the broadcasting industry in both on air and engineering.  He has worked in radio stations in markets large and small. During the 1980's and 1990's Bob worked for the broadcast ministry of Toccoa Falls College, WRAF-FM in Toccoa Falls, GA. It was during that time at Toccoa Falls that Bob felt a very strong leading to enter the ministry, and he pursued his seminary level studies.
He was ordained to the ministry in 1996, and for a couple of years helped several churches in North Carolina, along with his work for the College. In 1998 he accepted a call to be the pastor of a small mission church in Florida. For the next 7 years he and his wife watched that church grow and prosper.  Bob and his wife thought they would never leave the west coast of Florida, but that changed when he lost his wife to cancer in 2004. 
For the next 10 years Bob worked to restart his life, and spent time again with Toccoa Falls College, and also worked with a number of radio stations. For several years he worked with several churches along with his secular work.  In 2009 Bob was asked to work in media and information with the Emergency Management Division of the Anderson, SC Sheriff's Office.  It was rewarding work, but it was not conducive for much in the way of ministry. He left the Sheriff's Office in the Fall of 2014 and returned to the Florida, but this time the east coast where he has worked both in ministry and broadcasting ever since.
In 2016 Bob remarried. His wife, Lori, is highly supportive of his return to his first love, that of sharing the Gospel and full time ministry.
Currently Bob is the host of a weekly radio show heard around the world on Shortwave Radio and online. This program, "Your Weekend Show" is now in its third year, and is an "extension" of his ministry work and witness.    

Rev. Bob and Lori Biermann

Bob Biermann on Radio